About Fifty-Fifty

The Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute is an organization of civil society, established to help individuals, communities and institutions to develop their skills, improve their performance and share knowledge to be able to meet the challenges of society and thus contribute actively to the development of a European area of skills and qualifications.

The Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute is working to bring about social change for the benefit of citizens in the context of development of local, regional and European society. It focuses on the promotion of equal learning opportunities, in promoting human rights, cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurship and the development of people’s abilities, promotes intercultural dialogue, knowledge exchange and European awareness with the active participation of young people and adults in projects relating to mobility, entrepreneurship education, professional and personal development. It is linked closely with various public and private bodies in national and international level, including NGOs, schools, universities, VET providers, municipalities, etc.

At national level, promotes dialogue among local and regional authorities, schools, VET centers, foundations and other non-governmental organizations dealing entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial learning, digital learning, training, skills and competences enhancement. It has implemented a series of actions (workshops, seminars and studies) in the areas of entrepreneurship human, skills and competences analysis, human rights and active citizenship, etc. Additionally, in order to promote the value of volunteering regularly organizes volunteer training and its volunteer team counts more than 60 members.