Building skills and self-confidence of NEETs through podcasts – PODSQUAD

Project Number: 2021-2-CY02-KA220-YOU-000049194

Dates: 01.05.2022 – 30.04.2024         Website:

Programme: Erasmus+

Project Summary

While there are many policies and reports which detail of the competences and attributes that NEETs lack; what is often missed is that NEETs are digital natives – they have been born into the age of technology and so are confident and competent working and living in online environments. Research conducted to inform the development of this application also helped to highlight some of the positive attributes of NEETs. For example, as they have spare time that is not taken up by education, training or employment, many NEETs in our communities have a range of hobbies.

These hobbies include gaming; listening to and playing music; an interest in watching, producing, and editing films; an interest in creative writing and poetry; cooking; photography and crafts. Sports and fitness are also popular. NEETs also have a keen interest in global issues including diversity and inclusion, climate change, etc. They are young, culturally sensitive, and informed European citizens; but have not yet been supported to be empowered, civically engaged and economically active citizens. What we hope to achieve through the PODSQUAD project is to support the empowerment of NEETs in our communities, so that they can recognise and value the skills, knowledge, and competences that they already possess, and so that they can address their lack of self-confidence, their well-being and self-image concerns, and can bring their voice and views to the world through the medium of podcasting.

Our intention, our core objective, is to support NEETs in our communities to recognise and value their skills, and to support them to use the medium of podcasting to share the expertise that they have garnered through the time invested in their hobbies. We believe that such an innovative, NEET-centred approach to education could re-engage them in training, while also supporting them to develop and promote their own podcasts, which could be turned into a profession. Why podcasting? The popularity of podcasts has amplified in recent years. Since 2014 there has been a 157% increase in the number of podcasts being consumed via smartphones alone. In fact, there are almost 500 million consumers of podcasts worldwide. This is expected to rise to over 800 million by 2025. There is significant potential for growth, with experts forecasting that podcasting has not yet attained 50% of its potential market. PODSQUAD partners see podcasting as an economic sector of the future; and our intention is to support this generation of NEETs to be prepared to fully exploit the expected growth in this sector.

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