Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute is partner to the KA1 Training Course «Lonely no more» (ZIMUKSN Resume of Training here) that will be implemented in UK, between 9th and 15th December 2018.

The “Lonely No More» youth mobility project will involve 30 African Caribbean Pacific, Eastern European and European youths from minority communities. The youths will map solutions on how to address the high levels of loneliness and social isolation facing minorities in Europe. The major thrust being to increase cross-cultural awareness and solidarity and understanding of the positive impacts diversity and all-inclusive citizen participation has on European integration. It seeks to attain these objectives through implementing a number of initiatives such as but not limited to the role models’ projects that will partner youths from minority communities with the professionals in different sectors of the host and partner countries. There are growing sentiments of fascism and individualism in Europe at the political level and increasing danger of this cascading down to the general public. The project seeks to inculcate in the youths a spirit of togetherness and unity in the light of different religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race and gender composition. The project is needed to bring together participants from various European countries to discuss and map solutions on how they can be involved and engaged in the fight towards uniting Europe and the world in light of the inevitable cracks being caused by the disintegration of the regional bloc. The ethos the project seeks to promote include the need to concertize the youths that, “united they stand and divided they fall.”


To participate, please fill in the application form available here by 15th November 2018

Lonely no More Σεμινάριο Εκπαίδευσης (TC) στην Αγγλία!