The Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute is a partner in the new KA1 Youth Exchange project «Tell me your story!

Lead Beneficiary is the FUNDACJA «INSTYTUT EUROPEJSKI PRO FUTURO EUROPAE» from Poland and Project Partners are SOCIAL INNOVATION AND COHESION INSTITUTE (Greece), Ötszázalék Egyesület (Hungary), High on Life (Italy) and ASOCIACION PROJUVEN (Spain).

Lack of soft skills, and especially presentation, storytelling listening avoiding manipulation skills are not well taught in formal educational settings and many young people have not developed them enough or at all. This can be a problem for them in making professional career, becoming entrepreneurs or engaging in civic activities. We want to do is to use our experience in one aspect of soft skills, which is public speaking, public presentations, active listening, analyzing and persuasion and avoiding manipulation. By doing this we would like to add a piece to the entrepreneurial education in our young generation.

“Tell me your story!”, which will be held in Krynica Morska, Poland in August of 2018 involving 5 organizations and 40 young people from 5 European Union countries.
The project answers the needs, which we identified with our partners. We plan to address them in this project:
1. Youth unemployment can not be eradicated but there is a need to lower it, by training ourselves in skills needed in adult life. With this activity we aim to practice in groups with our friends from other countries some skills that can help us in life, also in professional life.
2. The school or university can teach us many subjects but we often feel that we have no capacity to find a job or to present what we want in life. We think there is a need to organize our way of expression, which can be more professional.
3. We think many of us are creative and we can talk in a coffe or bar about what we want to do, but when it comes to actual serious talk with people we don’t know and who have no time for us then we cannot present our ideas clear enough. So we think there is a need to practice such situations in a larger group.
4. Some young people remain excluded in life because they don’t have enough support from home, they have little money, poor education and live in remote areas, where there are no many international programs. There is a need to change this and by this project we would like to give a chance to develop some soft skills to also disadvantaged young people.
5. Many of our friends are not members of any organizations and do not participate in such programs. We feel there is a need to involve them more and show what we do in partnership with our partner organizations. That is also why we want to realize this project.

The project title is “Tell me your story!” and its aim is to enhance self esteem of young people, their personal, social and professional advancement. This very general aim is done through realization of the general project objective, which is to practice “story telling”, understood as presentation and listening soft skills in a varied group of 40 people coming from different countries. There are also smaller objectives that spring from the general category:
• to identify what are soft skills and how are they important in life,
• to identify examples of soft skills, which can be used both in private and professional life, and the NGO life as well.
• To focus on the “story telling” as a method used in private, professional and NGO life and to practice this method with our friends from different countries. Here we would like to practice elements of story telling, which include: public speaking, public presentations, active listening, analyzing and persuasion and avoiding manipulation.
• To meet new friends from 5 EU countries and to have a nice time together by learning from our partners and not from the teacher.
• To let others know about such projects like Erasmus+
The project uses almost exclusively non-formal educational methods and will be located in Piaski, Krynica Morska. By this youth exchange we would like to reinforce contacts between young people from 5 various countries, within European spirit of cooperation on common issues. This project is also meant on more internationalization of our organizations and to offer more exciting possibilities for young people under the ERASMUS+ programme.

In order to participate, please fill in the Application Form by July 15th, 2018




Tell me your story! New Youth Exchange project !